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By partnering with our clients we create a synergistic effect to accomplish greater results—results that make a better, safer and cleaner world.
Removing and disposing of biohazards, sharps and medical waste in a timely effective manner makes your workplace environment a safer place for you, your staff and your customers.
When biohazards accumulate so do the risks to everyone involved and typical waste removal isn’t the answer. You need experts who use industry standard and environmentally sensitive methods to keep things safe. You need Synergy Medical Waste services today.
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Medical Waste

Medical waste is solid materials used or discarded during the medical treatment or diagnosis of humans or animals or during inoculation processes. Examples of medical waste includes: bandages, gauze, expended syringes, scalpels, probes or other sharps, exam gloves…

Hazardous Waste

Biohazards are fluids or tissues taken from patients which may carry pathogens. Biohazardous materials may be generated at places other than medical facilities including schools or universities, labs or even jails. These materials are incinerated and properly disposed of.

Safe Disposal Practices

In the past these waste materials were collected and disposed of in the regular trash which created a risk to waste management employees and the public in general. Following the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988 licensed medical waste disposal companies follow improved…

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