Biohazard Disposal

Biohazards are fluids taken from patients which may carry pathogens. Biohazardous materials may be generated at places such as medical facilities, schools, universities, nursing homes, labs and prisons. We guarantee these materials are properly disposed of, by means of incineration or autoclaving.

Sharps Disposal

Many medical procedures require the use of sharpened instruments that can pose a double hazard of severe injury or contamination. Whether it’s syringe needles used for vaccinations or other medication delivery, scalpels, surgical probes, trocars, suturing tools or even a broken test tube, these items need to be disposed of in a way that avoids the risk of puncture or laceration.
Synergy Medical Waste Services provides approved disposal containers and timely removal
These items are then decontaminated using autoclaves before disposal in safe containers.

Medical Waste

Medical waste is solid materials used or discarded during the medical treatment or diagnosis of humans or animals or during inoculation processes. Examples of medical waste includes: bandages, gauze, expended syringes, scalpels, probes or other sharps, exam gloves, dried blood or other bodily fluids. In the past these waste materials were collected and disposed of in the regular trash which created a risk to waste management employees and the public in general. Following the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988 licensed medical waste disposal companies follow improved guidelines to safely dispose of the materials
Methods include sterilization using high temperature autoclaves or incineration. Some items are recycled after they have been appropriately decontaminated.

Destruction of Documents

Any patient paper work or other confidential records with sensitive information must be disposed of properly in a manner approved by HIPAA guidelines. Any time sensitive records become obsolete or are transferred to another media, the paper versions need to be destroyed. Synergy Medical Waste Systems provides high quality paper shredding and disposal of paper records that maintain privacy.